Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wurk?

Wurk is The Technology To Manage Your Print Jobs From Creation To Customer Satisfaction. Allow your customers and print brokers to directly enter their own orders into your Wurkflow system. Wurk checks every image to make sure the quality is good enough for printing.

Does Wurk work well with large shops too?

Actually, there's quite a few larger (15+ employee) shops using Wurk all over the country. It seems even the larger shops want to use a tool that is simple to operate so they can focus on growing the business.

What do you want?

We know you want increased profits.
We know you want a simpler process that creates less stress.
And we know you want more downtime to enjoy your life outside your business.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we don't like binding contracts either. You can cancel whenever you'd like.

Why pay monthly?

Wurk is a secure, cloud-based platform. This means that the application lives on Amazon's servers. What this also means is that we build and push updates, features & improvements almost daily. You are a part of this constant growth and help to support it with your monthly payment.

What is the pricing?

We have three pricing plans that will include everything you need!

You can view it here